Austin Chess Club - Rules for Half- and Full-Point Byes

Forced (full-point) byes are an unfortunate consequence of an odd-number of available players for a given round of a tournament.

We also acknowledge that folks are sometimes too busy to be able to put three- or four-Sunday evenings aside in a row.

In an effort to be able to better anticipate such situations and being able to inform any individual(s) affected, a player requesting a half-point bye for a round must adhere to the following rules:

Note that as soon as we know of any bye requests or forced bye situations, we'll update the web site with said information.

A quick summary of the bye rules:

  1. Players must inform the director of their intention to take a bye no later than 10:00am the day of the round. The sooner we know, the better for everyone involved in the event.
  2. Players receiving two (or more) half-point byes in an event are not eligible to receive cash prizes.
  3. To remain eligible for cash prizes, round 4 1/2 point byes must be requested before the end of round 1 (while registering for the tournament would be optimal). Zero-point byes don't have this restriction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Drew Sarkisian

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